Full Moon In Gemini- November 2018


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The Sun entered the sun sign of Sagittarius on Thanksgiving proceeding the Full Moon in Gemini in the wee hours of November 23rd. This full moon also has aspects to Neptune and Jupiter. The full moon also coincides with Mercury Retrograde that began November 16th. The energy around this moon will be heavy and conflicting.  The air is filled with celebration along with deep and dark undertones. You may feel pulled in multiple directions, however, momentum forward will feel imminent.  Use this momentum to act in an intentional and deliberate way.

Sagittarius is an adventurous sign all about exploring and starting something new.  Ready for a new project? Ready to start a new phase of your life? This energy will be the driver. Sagittarius is full of fiery passion and energy. However, Sagittarius is infamous for acting first and thinking later. Be cautious to control impulsive actions or words. Harnessing this go-getter passion will help in achieving any unfinished plans for the year.

Gemini is a master communicator that loves to discuss and dissect ideas. Engage in conversation. Use wit and humor to connect with others and share your ideas. Gemini also holds an energy of duality. The light and shadow side.  The yin and the yang. Your attributes and shortcomings will come into the spotlight during this moon. Accepting the darkness is crucial to shining bright.  You cannot have darkness without light or light without darkness. Gemini will push us on using dark and light energy and how those forces play together.

Neptune is a planet about spirituality, the mysterious and what we cannot see. It is the element of unpredictability. Neptune loves to break down illusion and surprise us with what we do not wish to see. It can also push us to look into deeper meaning and purpose.

Jupiter is a giving, compassionate, and charitable planet.  Jupiter is often seen as a planet of good fortune and luck.  Jupiter can bring in happy and unanticipated blessings. In the holiday season, Jupiter can help facilitate fun and engaging interactions with others.

Mercury in Retrograde will have an affect on this energy. Mercury retro is infamous for bringing around problems with communication, travel, and technology.  Mercury will also push us to get organized and get to planning big moves. Mercury also encourages us to listen to our intuition and look into the deeper message behind words communicated.

Sagittarius energy will have the biggest impact on this moon energy.  Let the drive  of Sagittarius propel you into speaking up and getting to work. Even though it may feel like you need to rush headlong into a new investment or prospect, make sure to be careful and deliberate.  Re-read, double check, and get the details.  Duality will also be a big theme with this moon. Embrace your duality and accept the duality in your awareness.  Play your strengths, accept your weaknesses. Let the communicator of Gemini allow us to bring out what needs to be exposed in the light.  Let truth shine and dispel illusion.  Pay attention. Ask questions. Dig deeper. With an energy of celebration, be charitable and lay down heavy burdens. Be open to what knocks on your door and listen to your intuition.


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