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Cement like air coupled with a nervous energy to act- an aggressive antithesis of annoying proportions.

This is a busy week in astrology.  On March 20, 2019 we enter a Full Moon phase in the zodiac sign of Libra- coinciding the astrological new year or Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere.   This moon is also a super moon, piggy-backing a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. This mix mash of energy will push us forward to inevitable culminations- the messy way in some cases.

Libra is a sign about partnership ruled by Venus- the goddess of love. Venus also rules aesthetic and passion. Libra is a very relational sign and likes to communicate. Libra is very diplomatic, likes balance, and is great at seeing all points of view. Libra can also be indecisive and spiteful. Heightened sexual energy or a need to connect with other people will be a strong aspect to this moon. Connection to friendships, lovers, family, situations, and things will come into focus.  How can balance be brought to these partnerships? What relationships no longer bring balance? What do you need to separate from? What do you wish to align with?

Tribes of the American Indian called this moon the Worm Moon. Earthworms start appearing in the grass bringing in the sounds of spring tweeting. Northern American tribes called this the Full Crow Moon-when the crows began cawing in the tide of spring.

The Spring Equinox is the astrological new year. New beginnings. New growth. Seeds to be planted. Those are all the themes and archetypes of this period. The winter season has culminated so has a season of your life. Time to walk forward in a new direction. Who and what will join us on this path is a major part of this moon. What do you want to create?

So we have had three super moons this year.  A super moon is when the moon is at its closest point to earth. This moon is the closest thus far and will have a pink hue in some parts of the world.  Not only does the moon appear larger in the sky, it intensifies the energy of the moon.  Emotions are heightened. People may be impulsive, yet the air feels like pea soup thanks to Mercury in Retrograde.

Mercury is currently retrograding in Pisces. Mercury Retrograding in Pisces is a very uncomfortable place for Pisces. She is a dreamy, spiritual and emotional sign-prone to fantasy and illusion. Mercury is a sign much more about action, intellect, and also governs communication. Mercury pushes Pisces out of the fantasy- to get into the day to day reality.  Mercury Retro is generally known for miscommunications, travel mishaps, bad driving, botched expectations, malfunctions, sluggish movement and plans going awry. These mishaps can seem to cut to a deeper level happening in Pisces. It may seem like you are misunderstood or not able to communicate effectively.

So people aren’t communicating well, driving like maniacs, and everyone is horny. Let’s add a magnifying glass of a super moon- making it all seem like more than it seems.

Now, I’m not saying lock yourself in your house until 21st when the full moon energy will peak, but slow down.  Don’t color your hair. Don’t make any drastic changes on impulse. Wait a few days. Take your time in getting to where you’re going. Double check. Re-read. Pay attention. Listen to your intuition and check in with your emotions. Try not to take anything too seriously.

Working with this energy and paying attention to what it can bring up within us and around us is key to growing through any moon phase. In full moons, we are examining the fruit of our labor. The culmination of the seeds we have planted and where things need fine tuning- culmination with the super moon and Spring Equinox will seem more intense.  Libra and Venus energy will bring a focus on partnership pushing us to reach out for connection. Mercury in retrograde asks us to be conscious of our words, listen to our intuition, pay less attention to what is verbally said and not getting caught up in illusion.





On March 6, 2019 we will enter a New Moon Phase in the zodiac sign of Pisces. This moon is going to be a new beginning on a deeper level- to bring in greater healing and understanding of ourselves and others. This moon is also coinciding a Mercury Retrograde and Uranus moving into the zodiac sign Taurus. These energies along with aspects to Neptune, Saturn, and Mars will bring in a deep sense of who we are and where our spiritual growth has brought us.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune. She is highly compassionate, sensitive, and often highly intuitive and spiritual. She is very giving and loyal-often sacrificing her own needs for those of others. Pisces loves to dream and tends to have a very optimistic point of view. However if un-evolved, Pisces can over-give, play the martyr, and be detached from reality.

In the Tarot, Pisces is represented by The Moon card of the major arcana.  This card represents subconscious, illusion, and the messages our dreams are trying to tell us. An overarching theme to this new moon will be attention to the inner voice that is demanding to be heard.  It is also about breaking down illusion and walking away from areas of life that we have become dillusioned. Pisces is also the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces season can signal final wrap-ups and endings. With all endings there are always beginnings.

What old stories keep bubbling up that cause destruction in your conscious awareness? What is it you need to let go of? What is it that you need to heal?

This moon will be conjunct to Neptune, which will also square Saturn.  Neptune rules Pisces and is a planet about spiritual enlightenment and spiritual yearning.  You may feel more in tune with the world around you and feel desire for more. A deeper understanding of yourself and where we hide our deepest shame and disappointment may come to the surface as well.

The square to Saturn will feel like a bit of conflicting energy to Neptune and Pisces.  Saturn energy is somewhat opposite of the dreamy spiritual focus of Neptune-he is all about practical matters and physical reality.  This aspect will push us to look deeper and question what is beyond the daily grind of life.  We may find areas of our lives where we are bored and needing to be revitalized.

There will also be an aspect to Mars pushing us to take action on these areas to make needed changes. Mars can be aggressive and assertive, but Pisces and Neptune will add some love and calm to this harsh energy. It will guide and facilitate Mars in a compassionate way- giving you the courage to take a leap of faith-say what needs to be said, and let go of hurtful and toxic cycles without judgment and blaming.

Uranus will be moving into Taurus during this New Moon phase. Uranus was in Taurus for a brief period in 2018 before retrograding into Aries, but will be in Taurus until 2025 beginning around this new moon.  Uranus is a planet of revolution, break-ups and shake ups. In Uranus’ brief visit in Taurus last year, the world began to explore alternative currencies such as crypto currency. When Uranus was last in Taurus, the world experienced the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II. Despite, the strife incurred in that period of history, it forced world governments to enact ground breaking legislation and infrastructure to aid flailing economies and poverty. Remember the New Deal?

Mercury Retrograde is a famous astrological event causing disruptions in communication, technology, and relationships that happens multiple times a year. This new moon also coincides the beginning of this retrograde season.  Mercury in retro forces us to slow down and pay attention to intuition, which is what Pisces is all about.  Areas of miscommunication and conflict may arise around areas of needed deeper healing in our relationships and relationship to self. Pay attention to conflicts and situations that arise. Words can have muddled meaning in this season. The challenge will be to focus on what you feel more over what is said. Words may hold confusion and illusion. Often with retrogrades, the past may resurface in varying forms.

The energies around this moon will be intense, but will give us clarity to heal relationships, old shame and pain. Its time to graduate- coming out on the other side with greater understanding and clarity. Pay attention to what comes back from the past with Mercury as this may be an area you need to tie up loose ends. Uranus moving into Taurus will no doubt bring about unexpected changes, but it is part of a greater evolution individually and in the collective.







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The Sun entered the sun sign of Sagittarius on Thanksgiving proceeding the Full Moon in Gemini in the wee hours of November 23rd. This full moon also has aspects to Neptune and Jupiter. The full moon also coincides with Mercury Retrograde that began November 16th. The energy around this moon will be heavy and conflicting.  The air is filled with celebration along with deep and dark undertones. You may feel pulled in multiple directions, however, momentum forward will feel imminent.  Use this momentum to act in an intentional and deliberate way.

Sagittarius is an adventurous sign all about exploring and starting something new.  Ready for a new project? Ready to start a new phase of your life? This energy will be the driver. Sagittarius is full of fiery passion and energy. However, Sagittarius is infamous for acting first and thinking later. Be cautious to control impulsive actions or words. Harnessing this go-getter passion will help in achieving any unfinished plans for the year.

Gemini is a master communicator that loves to discuss and dissect ideas. Engage in conversation. Use wit and humor to connect with others and share your ideas. Gemini also holds an energy of duality. The light and shadow side.  The yin and the yang. Your attributes and shortcomings will come into the spotlight during this moon. Accepting the darkness is crucial to shining bright.  You cannot have darkness without light or light without darkness. Gemini will push us on using dark and light energy and how those forces play together.

Neptune is a planet about spirituality, the mysterious and what we cannot see. It is the element of unpredictability. Neptune loves to break down illusion and surprise us with what we do not wish to see. It can also push us to look into deeper meaning and purpose.

Jupiter is a giving, compassionate, and charitable planet.  Jupiter is often seen as a planet of good fortune and luck.  Jupiter can bring in happy and unanticipated blessings. In the holiday season, Jupiter can help facilitate fun and engaging interactions with others.

Mercury in Retrograde will have an affect on this energy. Mercury retro is infamous for bringing around problems with communication, travel, and technology.  Mercury will also push us to get organized and get to planning big moves. Mercury also encourages us to listen to our intuition and look into the deeper message behind words communicated.

Sagittarius energy will have the biggest impact on this moon energy.  Let the drive  of Sagittarius propel you into speaking up and getting to work. Even though it may feel like you need to rush headlong into a new investment or prospect, make sure to be careful and deliberate.  Re-read, double check, and get the details.  Duality will also be a big theme with this moon. Embrace your duality and accept the duality in your awareness.  Play your strengths, accept your weaknesses. Let the communicator of Gemini allow us to bring out what needs to be exposed in the light.  Let truth shine and dispel illusion.  Pay attention. Ask questions. Dig deeper. With an energy of celebration, be charitable and lay down heavy burdens. Be open to what knocks on your door and listen to your intuition.



On November 16, 2018, Mercury will go retrograde for the the third time this year.  For the astrology enthusiast, this may elicit an annoyed eye roll. Another complicated planetary aspect? Yes, indeed.

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This retrograde season will last about three weeks. When a planet goes retro it means it appears to be moving backwards due to its change in orbit around the sun.  The timing could not be worse with the impending holiday season. Mercury Retrograde is an infamous astrological event marked with misunderstandings, miscommunications, botched travel plans, technology on the fritz and the past coming back to haunt us.

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Mercury will go retro in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is blunt and can be tactless.  Saggies can have a fiery temper and initiate conflicts. You may find yourself being more outspoken and speaking your true feelings. Your challenge may be to think before speaking to prevent any strife that this retro season can already create.

This retrograde coincides with Uranus and Neptune also currently in retrograde.  Uranus is a planet of shake-ups and rebellion.  An area of our lives where we are stuck and need to be taking action may come to the surface. It can add to the confusion of Mercury by adding a hint of unpredictability. Neptune is also in retrograde. Neptune represents spiritual changes, dreams, and breaking down illusion. This energy coinciding with Uranus and Mercury in can expose where we may be diluting ourselves and an unexpected event could create conflict that hides a deeper lesson in its resolution.

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It would be lovely to go into a cave for the next three weeks and ignore the outside world. Unfortunately, that is not reality for most. During this retrograde season, it is best to think before speaking, re-read contracts before signing them, forgo any major purchases, listen to your intuition as the meaning of words can be lost, get creative and avoid making any assumptions. If an old lover comes knocking, pay attention before leaping into their arms. All may not be as it seems.