On June 17, 2019 in the early morning we will enter a full moon phase in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This moon was called the “Thunder Moon” by some native Americans. Like any full moon, the moon will be at its brightest point in its transit.  It is a symbol of harvest and culmination of our efforts. With the sun in the late part of its time in Gemini, Jupiter retrograding squaring Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn, this will be a moon of big plans, focus on self, expansion, vulnerability, heavy pondering, and conversation.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter that is about adventure and looking past what is just beyond into the unknown. The archetype of this sign is the archer.  He can change course to follow his prey, but has the dedication to track it for execution. He can be blunt and direct.    Sagittarius can see the bigger picture, but can also have many highs and many lows.  He can be quick tempered, yet methodical and wise. He can be spontaneous, but reliable.

Mutable signs are changeable and adaptable. Fire signs are passionate and head full force towards what thrills them in the moment. Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth, and expansion. He brings a deeper understanding to help ground the fiery limitless thrill seeker of Sagittarius. With Jupiter retrograding, there will be a full circle energy surrounding certain areas of life. There be a feeling of needed change and how to make that possible. Change may come without our doing, but it brings a sense of coming full circle.

Neptune will be in its home sign of Pisces during this moon squaring Jupiter retrograding  in Sagittarius. Pisces is a very dreamy sign and can be prone to illusion and as a water sign, has deep emotions. Neptune symbolizes dreams, illusion, and spiritual enlightenment.  However, Neptune can represent deceit, trickery, and naivety, which are also characteristics of un-evolved Pisces.  This square can make us dream big and shoot for what seems impossible. This square can also make us unrealistic and prone to fantasy. You may feel more drawn to spiritual practice around this time. This energy also can act as a removal energy. Something needs to go to actually attain these dreams.

Mars will be in Cancer opposing Saturn during this full moon. Mars is a planet about action and aggression. It adds restlessness. Mars wants to drive forward. Cancer is a water sign that is highly sensitive, highly connected to family and very loyal.  Mars in Cancer likely can create disruption in the family dynamic or leaving us feeling extremely vulnerable and sensitive in connection to familial relationships. Saturn represents the father in astrology. Saturn also represents boundaries and established order. Saturn gives us structure. This opposition and these aspects, there may be a dispute arising out of day to day life or even among governing bodies. There may be a challenge of accepted authority.  There may be a major shift in a relationship with a family member or where you lack boundaries and need more order.  It may be time to quick a habit that is impacting important parts of your life. There may be an area you need more discipline.

Between the moon’s time in Sagittarius and it’s transit into Capricorn, it will be considered “Void of Course.” Being void of course there will be a big shift between seeing this big picture and dreaming big and pushing you into acting on those realizations. There will be a momentum building during this moon.

This Thunder moon is  the precipice of  major change. It is the rumble before the lightning strike. Something likely come full circle and a deeper realization may be obtained when it comes to self and family relationships. Some new individual truths will be realized.

The sun is in the later part of Gemini, but is mostly not attached to any one sign this moon. It is going to be Peregrine, put simply, it is not heavily aspected.  The sun represents self, so a self centered focus may be prevalent around this moon. This can bring a heavy sense of independence and feeling ungrounded. You may feel more focused on self improvement or what needs changing in your day to day habits. How do you fit into the grander scheme of things? You may be just a little selfish too and hungry for the spotlight.

The affect of Gemini will still play heavy with this moon. Gemini is ruled by mercury which is the planet of communication. You may feel “stuck in your head,” this moon having a back and forth conversation with yourself with the un-hinged sun. People may speak bigger and loftier than they really mean with the affect of Neptune. Words and thoughts can be a major trigger for change during this moon. There may be a lot of harsh and emotional communication. This is a good time to read between the lines of what others are communicating. Words are hard to take back once spoken.

There is a vision and idea we want to see realized by year’s end. This moon will give us the ideas to reach that goal, what needs to change, but it may seem difficult to be patient and put in the work until the moon moves into Capricorn. Write down your ideas. Focus on which goals are easily in your reach and go from there. Be realistic with yourself and others. This is also a time of finding out how we really feel and coming to terms with those emotions.


Each new moon phase marks the beginning of the next chapter.  It is a time to plant new seeds and embark on new beginnings.  It is time to start anew.

Today we enter a new moon phase in the fiery and spontaneous sign of Sagittarius.  The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer- optimistic, focused, skilled, and precise. The archer cannot hesitate, but move with quickness to strike.  The energy surrounding this new moon will propel you forward. There is no time to slow down.  Its time to take a gallant leap into the next phase with a positive and open mind. The shadow side of Sagittarius is a quick tempered and fiery personality.  Sagittarius is known for acting first then thinking later. Keep this in mind in your decisions and actions. Make sure to not act out of impulse.

This new moon will have other aspects to Jupiter that will play on the carefree and playfulness of Sagittarius.  Jupiter is the planet of good luck and wants us to grow into abundance. This influence from Jupiter may push you to learn something new, express yourself in a different way and explore foreign possibilities. It can bring in unexpected good luck and fortune.

The energy surrounding this new moon feels thick and somewhat surreal. It is going to push you to ask big and important questions. Life is a stage. What role do you play? Do you like the character you are portraying? Maybe it is time to audition for a different role.

Thanks to an upcoming solar eclipse and aspects to Mars and Neptune, deep desires and emotions are bubbling to the surface. Mars is an intense energy of aggression and action. Mars symbolizes war and human’s animal nature. Playing with the fire of Sagittarius can create an atmosphere rife for conflict and urgency. Neptune is a planet of spirituality, illusion, and enlightenment.  Neptune pushes us to look within.  Forgotten passions and areas that have been unclear will be pushing you to reach for something new. What is it that gives your life meaning?

With this new moon phase put ideas and dreams into action. It is time to start being true to yourself and living with purpose. It is time to expose your inner desires and aspirations. This energy started having its effects days before the new moon and will hang around for the next few days. Pay attention to what comes up in your awareness and use this energy to your advantage.



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The Sun entered the sun sign of Sagittarius on Thanksgiving proceeding the Full Moon in Gemini in the wee hours of November 23rd. This full moon also has aspects to Neptune and Jupiter. The full moon also coincides with Mercury Retrograde that began November 16th. The energy around this moon will be heavy and conflicting.  The air is filled with celebration along with deep and dark undertones. You may feel pulled in multiple directions, however, momentum forward will feel imminent.  Use this momentum to act in an intentional and deliberate way.

Sagittarius is an adventurous sign all about exploring and starting something new.  Ready for a new project? Ready to start a new phase of your life? This energy will be the driver. Sagittarius is full of fiery passion and energy. However, Sagittarius is infamous for acting first and thinking later. Be cautious to control impulsive actions or words. Harnessing this go-getter passion will help in achieving any unfinished plans for the year.

Gemini is a master communicator that loves to discuss and dissect ideas. Engage in conversation. Use wit and humor to connect with others and share your ideas. Gemini also holds an energy of duality. The light and shadow side.  The yin and the yang. Your attributes and shortcomings will come into the spotlight during this moon. Accepting the darkness is crucial to shining bright.  You cannot have darkness without light or light without darkness. Gemini will push us on using dark and light energy and how those forces play together.

Neptune is a planet about spirituality, the mysterious and what we cannot see. It is the element of unpredictability. Neptune loves to break down illusion and surprise us with what we do not wish to see. It can also push us to look into deeper meaning and purpose.

Jupiter is a giving, compassionate, and charitable planet.  Jupiter is often seen as a planet of good fortune and luck.  Jupiter can bring in happy and unanticipated blessings. In the holiday season, Jupiter can help facilitate fun and engaging interactions with others.

Mercury in Retrograde will have an affect on this energy. Mercury retro is infamous for bringing around problems with communication, travel, and technology.  Mercury will also push us to get organized and get to planning big moves. Mercury also encourages us to listen to our intuition and look into the deeper message behind words communicated.

Sagittarius energy will have the biggest impact on this moon energy.  Let the drive  of Sagittarius propel you into speaking up and getting to work. Even though it may feel like you need to rush headlong into a new investment or prospect, make sure to be careful and deliberate.  Re-read, double check, and get the details.  Duality will also be a big theme with this moon. Embrace your duality and accept the duality in your awareness.  Play your strengths, accept your weaknesses. Let the communicator of Gemini allow us to bring out what needs to be exposed in the light.  Let truth shine and dispel illusion.  Pay attention. Ask questions. Dig deeper. With an energy of celebration, be charitable and lay down heavy burdens. Be open to what knocks on your door and listen to your intuition.