Today is the New Moon.
A time to set intentions. 
So that you may shift in ways beyond your wildest dreams.

My dear, you have made it. This feeling. You are standing on the top of this mountain. The mountain of 2018. You’ve made it to the top.

Take a look behind you and see all that you’ve accomplished. Each ounce of pain. Each ounce of space you dipped out of your comfort zone has prepared you for this moment right now.

This moment of freedom.
Release any attachments of anything that still holds you back.
You are free.
You are free Now.

What do you want in your life Now?

Release the energy of 2018.
You are stronger now.
You are free.

Last year, you had to do less. You had to release people from your life who weren’t serving your purpose. You had to do that even though it broke your heart. Even though you felt that pain so deeply in your heart space. It was preparing you for now.

You had to clear that all out so that you could see just how much these people and things wouldn’t fit in your life now.

Your soul wanted more.
Your soul wanted bigger and greater.
Your soul knew you couldn’t hold onto people, places, jobs, etc.

Your soul needed that space to be empty for a moment so that you could be open for this new energy.

So that you could finally feel free.

Perhaps you are still releasing.
This is perfectly okay.
Wherever you are in your process is absolutely where you need to be.
You are enough exactly as you are.

The question now is how do you want to Feel now? What do you want?
No limitations.
No ideas that don’t feel right.
No more living to please someone else.
This is your life.

You are creating this life and why would you create anything less than what you deserve?

And don’t you know you deserve the moon, the Stars, the sun, and the whole galaxy?

So here you go.
Be free.

If you ever needed permission, allow this to be it.

Listen to your soul.

Your soul knows exactly what to do next.

You are love

-Channeled Message by host Amanda Jay

This past Saturday we attended a New Moon Circle celebrating the New Moon in Capricorn and partial Solar Eclipse. The event was hosted by Amanda Jay of Sacred Moon Spoon and Jodi Doidge. Amanda is a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Reiki Master, and Reflexologist-using these methodologies to assist in healing and wellness.  Jodi is a singer/songwriter and lightworker. The event took place at Maeva Movement in East Nashville.

It was a beautiful evening of fellowship and spiritual connectedness. The circle opened with the above channeled message.  It was a wonderful way to set the intention for our time together. After the reading of the message, everyone took turns around the room introducing themselves and sharing their stories of how they came to be at the New Moon Circle.  We then listened to a talk about the significance of the moon phases and the moon’s significance for women and feminine essence and being. The hosts gave us time to write our intentions for this moon phase- what we wanted for this month, this year and what we want to welcome into our lives. The circle was closed with a salt fire practice where salt is set on fire. This practice cleanses the energy space and releases our intentions to the divine.

The energy of the meeting was welcoming and safe. It was heart warming to encounter so much openness and vulnerability among a group of mostly strangers. Many told stories of addiction, of abuse, and struggles of pain.  Others discussed a troubling 2018 and hoping for a new beginning of 2019. Many simply want to deepen their spiritual practice. We made new friends and connections. There was a definite sense of community. We definitely plan on attending further Moon Circles.

A Full Moon Circle is scheduled for January 20, 2019 from 7-9PM at Maeva Movement in East Nashville. This is a great event if you would like to expand your existing moon phase practice, want to learn more, find community to celebrate these phases, or to simply connect with likeminded souls.


Be sure to check out Sacred Moon Space and hope to see you at the Full Moon Circle!




This past Sunday we attended an introductory class on crystals at AromaG’s Botanica in the Donelson area of Nashville.  The class was 90 minutes and lead by Heather Meyernick. The class discussed the various colors, shapes, and uses of crystals. The course cost $20, and information was provided summarizing the course content.

The class was small and intimate.  It felt more like a meeting to discuss crystals and information about them. Heather was very informative and friendly. Everyone was welcoming and eager to learn.

AromaG’s Botanica is a metaphysical shop that sells crystals, essential oils, books, soaps, and other tools for spirituality.  They have the largest essential oils selection in Nashville and over 250 teas to choose from. They also offer Tarot Readings, Reiki, Reflexology, and classes related to these topics.

AromaG’s also hosts regular monthly free events in their shop.  Earlier this month they hosted a Reiki Share. On January 11th there is a Meditation Circle and Divination Share on January 18th.

This is a great shop and wonderful attribute to the community. Check them out!




Spiritual practice is an important part of self care and connection to divine.  The practice of witchcraft and magick have been part of human culture for millennia.  Making a wish and blowing out birthday candles is an act of witchcraft. This tradition came to us from the ancient Greeks in their celebration of the goddess Artemis. Artemis controlled the moon.  A round cake represented the moon and the candles represented the glow of the moon. The smoke from the blown out  candles carried wishes and prayers to the gods. Witchcraft, put simply, is saying a prayer or setting an intention accompanied by a ritual.

Witchcraft is not all about making wishes come true, but caring for the body, mind and soul. Reiki is considered by some to be a form of witchcraft. Reiki and energy work helps many free their bodies from physical and emotional pain. Reiki is a Japanese practice where “universal” energy is used to help aid physical and emotional ailments using the hands working with the body’s physiology.

The Nashville Witches Collective is a community for those interesting in spirituality aligned with earth and the ancient practice of witchcraft. The collective organizes events and magical meetups to discuss and celebrate the study of the craft. If you are looking for a home base to discuss this form of spiritual practice with like-minded individuals follow them on Instagram.



Humanity has utilized oils derived from plants for millennia.  Ancient Egyptians get credit for the earliest use of essential oils, but many other cultures throughout the world, including Native Americans, utilized essential oils in cooking, as medicine, disinfecting and in spiritual practice.

Essential oils have regained newfound popularity in recent years, as many want to find a natural option over pharmaceuticals and common household chemicals. Companies like DoTERRA, based out of Utah, have added to this increased popularity with their multi-level marketing strategy of essential oils and other products.

Many are unaware of how essential oils are produced and distributed. A lot of “essential oils” sold in stores are not the actual oil, but another less costly oil with added fragrance to smell like the real thing.  Often essential oils are diluted or blended with other products as well to keep costs down.

Cosmic Connections is a locally based business offering holistic, naturalistic, and metaphysical resources near the Belmont University campus in Nashville.  They produce their own essential oils, offer crystals, books, incense, tarot cards, spiritual tools, gifts and offer a variety of readings with intuitives, psychics and tarot readers. The store also offers classes on a variety of topics.

The monthly class, “How to Use Essential Oils,” typically the first Saturday of the month, is organized by Janet Andrews at Cosmic Connections. It is $40 and typically starts at 11:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. Specific oils are showcased and discussed. The class is hands on, where attendees work with the actual plant/plant matter these oils are derived from.  Attendees also make their own oil blend from the showcased oils, make  products from this oil blend, and literature on the oils are distributed. In October, there was a 15% off coupon included for the purchase of an essential oil from Cosmic Connections.

The October oil blend was Sage, Tangerine and Clove. The class started with making a spa water blend with sage leaves, tangerine peels and whole cloves. To make the spa water, attendees simply tore up and massaged the tangerine peels, sage leaves and whole cloves, releasing their oils. Hot distilled water was poured over the plant matter. The spa water sat for the majority of the two hours so the oils could be fully absorbed into the water. At the end of the class, the spa water was strained into a spray bottle to be used around the home as a fragrance or for aromatherapy.

An oil blend with Sage, Tangerine and Clove were used throughout the rest of the class. Janet went over the potency and common blending techniques with these oils so the attendee could make an educated blend of their own.  The Sage, Tangerine and Clove blend was used to make a charcoal based face mask, charcoal based toothpaste and coffee scrub.

The class was very educational and fun. All tools needed were provided to each attendee.  Even if you are already well versed in essential oils and currently use them regularly, this is a great class to connect with others interested in holistic and natural products and expand existing knowledge.

For more information check out the link below and follow Cosmic Connection’s Facebook page for class offerings and information. You can also stop by their store at 1701 Portland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee (615) 463-7677.



In the wee hours of August 17, 2018 a man and woman were shot and killed outside of The Cobra in East Nashville. The victims were locals, Brandon Teal and Jaime Sarrantonio.  Two suspects have been taken into custody for the shootings- linked to other acts of violence in the city. The neighborhood was shaken by the shootings. Police presence was doubled and apprehension lingered in the air.

This past Saturday a tribute show was held to honor the victims of the shootings, affectionately named TealFest. Band mates of the late Teal’s band, Terrestrial Radio, reunited to preform in the victims’ honor, proceeds going to charity, Note for Notes.

Cobra, once known as Foobar, is a local favorite and venue hosting the next up and coming; including local comedians. Even in the wake of tragedy, the venue was filled with patrons and music lovers. Alongside TealFest, Cobra hosted another show on their main music stage, which was also a packed show.

Not being very familiar with the bands playing that night, not even really the music of the late Teal, I attended mostly in support of my community. Community definitely turned out and organized a fabulous tribute. I popped back and forth between the music for TealFest and the music on the main stage. It was sincerely heartwarming to see so many people still supporting each other when many would be afraid to darken the doors of the scene of such a crime.

One of my favorites of the night was a singer/songwriter, Sam Welch of King Famous and the Disrespect. He played as part of TealFest. His music held a youthful energy and curious innocence. Sam donned pig tails, playing a wounded guitar belting out highly melodic folk tunes of the outlaw.


A local Reggae artist, Matt Daugherty also played as part of TealFest. Matt plays in several projects, but on Saturday night played with Paradise Daze. Their music is an upbeat sunny bass-y relaxed sound that is the epitome of the mellow love of Reggae. Paradise Daze has been playing together as far back as the early 2000’s.

In the main music area four bands took the stage, mostly variations of Rockabilly. The show started with Soviet Shiksa. The front man of Soviet made his rounds before the show asking attendees to sign a black book in exchange for hard candies. Their music was a nod to Kalinka, Punk Rock, reminiscent of Film Noir punctuated with a brassy trumpet and guttural vocals.


Another favorite of the night was a gypsy punk band- Fable Cry. Fable Cry’s music is a love song of the vampire, choreographed violin and heavy metal vibe. It is highly dance-able, fun and upbeat. I would imagine them being Jack Skellington’s favorite band.



A Man Called Stu, closed out night Saturday.  Stu is a Rockabilly band with traditional Country Western and Jump Blues influence. Their front man donned mutton chops and traditional country western attire to complete the experience. The set was complete with stand-up bass, barrotone vocals and lovely sax.



Please continue to support this great venue, and if you would like to donate to Note for Notes, please visit:

A local Nashvillian, Eric Dulberg, is a portrait photographer with a bright soul and fun spirit.  He has a gift for capturing essence, showing his subject’s story.

Eric is a traveler, having been to the Philippines, Ecuador and planning to travel to Ireland in the coming year- searching for a story never heard before.

As part of a project towards his degree, he printed a book, Nashville Natives, capturing many of the stories of  unknown Nashvillians. The book is filled with captivating portraits, connecting audience to a common thread of humanity. The portraits are accompanied by a story supplied by the subject. The book opens with a character, named Chance.

Chance is a heavily tattooed older gentleman without home, having faced the harshness or war and confinement. He came to Nashville from the west coast and served in the Vietnam War. His life hasn’t been an easy one, but life has awarded him the wisdom that, “…it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live or how much money you have. What is important in life is to look after each other.”


Another character, Raymond, with kind eyes and warm smile, told Eric of his time in Vietnam and memories of Shania Twain, especially of her humility and gentleness.


Every person has a story. To share your story is sharing a little peice of your soul. Sharing a smile ties our journey to the whole of humanity.

The book is available for purchase at and benefits Shower Up, a local non-profit providing showers for the homeless.





A shower and a shave. For many its a daily routine. We awaken to the alarm bells, and stumble headlong to the bathroom for our daily grooming. For most, this is routine, for the less fortunate, a luxury.

A trip to the barber- that regular necessity tied so closely to keeping neat and tidy.  One’s mane is a part of identity, look and connection to self. For the less fortunate and homeless, it is a necessity that is often gone without.

On any given Monday night in Legislative Plaza, the Nashville Street Barbers are helping dole out a little slice of community. Between 6 and 8 PM you can find as many as a dozen local stylists spreading  love a little snip at a time.

As many as 30 customers come down to Legislative Plaza for a haircut, shower and a meal.  Volunteers take names on a clip board and each customer sits in a stylist’s chair and given a professional haircut.  Another non-profit, Shower Up, provides showers out of their mobile truck. Other local businesses donate food and even toiletries.


Many of the stylists volunteer every week, with many repeat customers, giving out haircuts under the light of headlamps and jiving to their own personal tunes. The Plaza is filled with  energy and uplifting spirit, complete with hugs and sharing stories.

This service to the community helps restore pride and morale to those living circumstances, most cannot imagine. I stopped by on a chilly September evening, the temperature beginning to drop, and was reminded of the coming reality of winter,  thankful for my bed and roof over my head.

If you have the ability, volunteer your time to this great cause or donate to keep this cheerful event alive. Many in America are living one paycheck away from homelessness. Many just need a lucky break.  A haircut is a small step for many towards a new adventure.