Rare Sighting


Spotted outside of Mcminnville, Tennessee, in the town of Woodberry.

What is this modern marvel? This invention of great ingenuity? Only spoken of with hushed secrecy. Inside the convenient store in which it sat, I asked the attendant humbly, “what could this be?” I hear some call it wall decor. Others call it a peice of a memory.  It must be from another century.

A miracle before my very eyes. People must know of this thing. This thing that makes a call for 25 cents a minute? It could change everything. It could change how we communicate, lighten our pockets and fill up our wallets. No more unanswered text messages. No more status cling and freedom from noisy pings.

What a glorious day to think of replacing those overly complicated cell phones. What a day to be less burdened with technology.

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