Trump Fatigue


The most recent developments in the Mueller investigation include an immunity deal made with two of Trump’s loyal long time business associates, Pecker & Weisselberg. Now, whatever these folks know is obviously unknown at this time, so I will forgo speculation.

For any other administration, even an insinuation of impropriety would be damaging enough to erode the public support and eventually the loyal party’s base trust.  Why is this time different?

Because America has a case of Trump Fatigue.  America is worn out. With every sound bite made into an hour long pundit bash of the president for his tweets and outrageous comments, attention span fades more and more.

The major networks do not seem to realize they are playing right into the media strategy the government has been employing for decades. Give the masses breadcrumbs of information so that when big explosive revelations are made, public outrage remains minimized.

Trump Fatigue is arguably a symptom of The Associated Press.  The same information, for the most part, is broadcast across all networks. If you happen to watch during peek times, such as in the morning or in the early evening, the information is usually highly sensational soundbites designed for maximum ratings. Unfortunately, these are peak times for a reason.  That is when the number of viewers is the highest.

Political polarization is also a contributing factor to Trump Fatigue, which is evident across most major news networks.  Politics is almost boiled down to a Super Bowl game, Us vs. Them type of mentality. “Avoid conversing with those crazy Libtards.” “You cannot reason with those zealot Cuckservatives.”  I am right you are wrong.

So how do we combat Trump Fatigue? Watch televised news aired during non-peak times. Typically during those off times, the networks are less concerned about ratings, the news is less sensationalized, and more in-depth investigative journalism is at it’s best.  Pay attention to the details. Stay well rounded in your news sources and read past the headline in political articles. If engaging in a political conversation, try to understand the reasons behind another’s beliefs and opinions that differ from yours. Welcome free discussion and understanding. Do not spread misinformation; stay informed yourself.

Finally, make sure to cast your vote in the midterm elections. If we want the game played differently, we need to usher in new players.

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