Lenormand Card Reading at Crystal Spirt House



My Lenormand card reading with Renee at Crystal Spirit House in Lebanon was a switch flipped. A literal lightning bolt that started in my stomach and moved to my awareness. I could feel electricity through me and felt the messages very clearly. I could feel my energy rising and my inner being vibrating. It was connecting me to myself.

My reading was mostly bringing to light feelings and ideas floating around in my head I hadnt fully danced with and latched onto. Confirming messages I was getting and questions I needed answered.

The reading did not tell me what action to take or predict my future. It confirmed what I knew in my heart were choices I needed to make. Its time to drop what no longer serves the highest good. Jump off and go into the unknown. Personal wellbeing ahead of all others. Nothing can be given from an empty well. The trust and confidence to optimize my gifts and strengths.

The specifics of what all this relates to, well, I will keep that to myself, but sometimes in life, we need help hearing what message is out there for us. Sometimes the message is just not clear. Sometimes we need to connect with our divine and clear out negative space.

Speaking with an intuitive, psychic, card reader, is just a way to do that. Its a way to help, a tool. If you have questions or seeking guidance, I would highly recommend Renee as a messenger.



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