Pisces Full Moon August 2018


On August 26, 2018 we will experience a Full Moon. The August Full Moon is in Pisces this month. The Native Americans called this moon, the Sturgeon Moon. It was believed this was the best time to hunt this particular fish, which correlates to Pisces, being a water sign and its symbol is fish swimming in opposing directions.

Every night as you glance at the sky, you might notice the moon appears differently each night, with 8 specific phases. The first being the New Moon and last being the Balsamic Moon. New Moons symbolize planting new seeds, Full moons are for harvesting fruit from those seeds. The last being the Balsamic Moon, which about is preparing the seeds from the fruit that was just harvested.

All of these “moons” have specific meanings and can affect individuals spiritually and sometimes on a physical level. Human beings are mostly water. Moons move water, think about the ocean. It is normal for some people to feel emotional, dizzy, restless and sometimes anxious surrounding Full Moons. Its not inherently negative, but listen to your body, your feelings, and what is happening in your awareness. This is all part of the harvest.

This particular Full Moon will highlight areas in our lives concerning life path, how gifts and abilities are used, ways to help others and past pains. Pisces is a water sign. Water is all about emotion. Old pains may be brought to the surface. Pain that is deep within.

You may be confronted with how that pain needs to be addressed, and what role it plays in your greater purpose. Wonderment and fantasy are all surrounding this moon as well. Its okay to dream big. Envision what you want. Its time let go of fear and whatever is holding you back. Drop the old paradigm you have held yourself to. You’re not just this or that. You can be whatever you want to be. Its time to expand. Its time to believe in your goals and take action toward them.

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