Mercury Retrograde


On November 16, 2018, Mercury will go retrograde for the the third time this year.  For the astrology enthusiast, this may elicit an annoyed eye roll. Another complicated planetary aspect? Yes, indeed.

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This retrograde season will last about three weeks. When a planet goes retro it means it appears to be moving backwards due to its change in orbit around the sun.  The timing could not be worse with the impending holiday season. Mercury Retrograde is an infamous astrological event marked with misunderstandings, miscommunications, botched travel plans, technology on the fritz and the past coming back to haunt us.

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Mercury will go retro in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is blunt and can be tactless.  Saggies can have a fiery temper and initiate conflicts. You may find yourself being more outspoken and speaking your true feelings. Your challenge may be to think before speaking to prevent any strife that this retro season can already create.

This retrograde coincides with Uranus and Neptune also currently in retrograde.  Uranus is a planet of shake-ups and rebellion.  An area of our lives where we are stuck and need to be taking action may come to the surface. It can add to the confusion of Mercury by adding a hint of unpredictability. Neptune is also in retrograde. Neptune represents spiritual changes, dreams, and breaking down illusion. This energy coinciding with Uranus and Mercury in can expose where we may be diluting ourselves and an unexpected event could create conflict that hides a deeper lesson in its resolution.

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It would be lovely to go into a cave for the next three weeks and ignore the outside world. Unfortunately, that is not reality for most. During this retrograde season, it is best to think before speaking, re-read contracts before signing them, forgo any major purchases, listen to your intuition as the meaning of words can be lost, get creative and avoid making any assumptions. If an old lover comes knocking, pay attention before leaping into their arms. All may not be as it seems.




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