Venus in Retrograde October 2018


2018 has been a busy year for planetary activity.  Many planets have made transits in retrograde, including Mercury, Mars, and Uranus. When a planet goes retrograde it is essentially moving backwards. Retrogrades are known for shaking up our awareness, depending on other planetary placements, other retrogrades, and what zodiac sign the retrograde is in.  People often experience disruptions in their lives during these planetary movements. Retrogrades often cause us to visit the past and reevaluate. Venus will be a powerful energy during its transit backwards.

Venus went retrograde October 5, 2018 and will go direct on November 16, 2018.  Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months.  Venus in astrology is the ruler of love, sensuality, passion, aesthetics, creature comforts, money and beauty. Venus is the ruler of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, but affects all signs. The planet Venus is one of the brightest planets in the sky- tumultuous with volcanic activity and storms.

Venus in retro can make us think about our past great loves, the one that got away, how we spend our money, the way we look and the appearance of our surroundings. It is also a time of creativity and enjoyment of the arts. You may feel the need to change up your personal appearance, reach out to an old flame or start up a new love affair. Sex drive can be heightened. You may want to splurge on a big purchase for yourself or your home.

This retrograde can also cause moodiness and heightened emotions, especially as new and full moons come through this retrograde, and its time in Scorpio. You may feel drawn to overindulge in aesthetic type purchases, cling to people and overindulge in food and drink. You may feel drawn to escape your feelings through tangible things.  Also, keep in mind, often what starts in a retrograde, will not stay.  You may hate your new hair style or that expensive couch you felt compelled to purchase after this retrograde season is over. Your new love may not last or the rekindling of an old romance may burn out.

Venus  began its transit in the sign of Scorpio on October 5th and will eventually move back into Libra around Halloween.  It will trine Neptune and square Mars along its journey as well. These aspects will affect Venus’ energy.

Venus’ time in Scorpio will be when the energy will be the most intense and emotional. Scorpio is a fixed water sign who is intuitive, highly emotional and likes to lash out and sting when hurt. With it being a fixed sign, it can bring stability as well. When Venus goes into Libra this energy will be somewhat different.

Libra is the diplomat and will make us think about balance. Libra also is slow to make decisions. It is also a highly relational sign as well, so relationship to self and others will be heightened. What do you or those in your life bring to the table? What needs to be said between you and another person? What apologies need to be made? Where do you need balance?

The square to Mars will be the heaviest influence on the retrograde energy. Mars will add to increased sex drive brought on by Venus, can heighten conflict and create competitiveness.  It also brings an energy of impulsiveness and lack of self-control. The trine to Neptune creates a friendly and generous energy, which can help soften the energy of Mars. You may feel more charitable and giving.

The zodiac signs most effected by this retrograde will be Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio. If you have any of these signs in your natal chart, you may be feeling this energy more than others.

Aries is opposite of Libra. Aries is a hardworking and determined sign.  This retrograde can leave Aries feeling soft and exposed struggling to harness that drive and determination. Personal shortcomings may come to light and leave Aries feeling stuck. It will be important to push through self doubt and persevere.

Taurus, like Aries, can be determined and stubborn, but sometimes lazy. Taurus is opposite Scorpio. The bull may have been ramming the same wall over and over unsuccessful at tearing it down. New ideas and approach may come to light to finally tear that wall down. Taurus may feel impatient with existing projects and act impulsively. Tauruses may also evaluate their health and self care during this time, especially evaluating where their money is going.

Libras may feel impulsive and quick to act, which is unusual for Libras who like to take their time in making decisions. Libras may go on a shopping spree or overindulge. This can be positive in that Libras may feel more assertive and make needed decisions for the direction of their journey. Also, this can help getting their needs met.

Scorpios may feel the need to resolve old conflicts. It is a time to forgive and hash out any old pain. Scorpios may feel the need to use their stinger and go into hiding. Scorpios may rekindle an old flame or romance, but it may not have any staying power.

Finally, this retrograde ends November 16, 2018.  Be mindful of the energies present and how they are affecting you.  This can be a wonderful time of growth, new experiences, and personal fulfillment.

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