Using Essential Oils- Cosmic Connections


Humanity has utilized oils derived from plants for millennia.  Ancient Egyptians get credit for the earliest use of essential oils, but many other cultures throughout the world, including Native Americans, utilized essential oils in cooking, as medicine, disinfecting and in spiritual practice.

Essential oils have regained newfound popularity in recent years, as many want to find a natural option over pharmaceuticals and common household chemicals. Companies like DoTERRA, based out of Utah, have added to this increased popularity with their multi-level marketing strategy of essential oils and other products.

Many are unaware of how essential oils are produced and distributed. A lot of “essential oils” sold in stores are not the actual oil, but another less costly oil with added fragrance to smell like the real thing.  Often essential oils are diluted or blended with other products as well to keep costs down.

Cosmic Connections is a locally based business offering holistic, naturalistic, and metaphysical resources near the Belmont University campus in Nashville.  They produce their own essential oils, offer crystals, books, incense, tarot cards, spiritual tools, gifts and offer a variety of readings with intuitives, psychics and tarot readers. The store also offers classes on a variety of topics.

The monthly class, “How to Use Essential Oils,” typically the first Saturday of the month, is organized by Janet Andrews at Cosmic Connections. It is $40 and typically starts at 11:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. Specific oils are showcased and discussed. The class is hands on, where attendees work with the actual plant/plant matter these oils are derived from.  Attendees also make their own oil blend from the showcased oils, make  products from this oil blend, and literature on the oils are distributed. In October, there was a 15% off coupon included for the purchase of an essential oil from Cosmic Connections.

The October oil blend was Sage, Tangerine and Clove. The class started with making a spa water blend with sage leaves, tangerine peels and whole cloves. To make the spa water, attendees simply tore up and massaged the tangerine peels, sage leaves and whole cloves, releasing their oils. Hot distilled water was poured over the plant matter. The spa water sat for the majority of the two hours so the oils could be fully absorbed into the water. At the end of the class, the spa water was strained into a spray bottle to be used around the home as a fragrance or for aromatherapy.

An oil blend with Sage, Tangerine and Clove were used throughout the rest of the class. Janet went over the potency and common blending techniques with these oils so the attendee could make an educated blend of their own.  The Sage, Tangerine and Clove blend was used to make a charcoal based face mask, charcoal based toothpaste and coffee scrub.

The class was very educational and fun. All tools needed were provided to each attendee.  Even if you are already well versed in essential oils and currently use them regularly, this is a great class to connect with others interested in holistic and natural products and expand existing knowledge.

For more information check out the link below and follow Cosmic Connection’s Facebook page for class offerings and information. You can also stop by their store at 1701 Portland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee (615) 463-7677.


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