“I’m just a construction man. I write songs to cope with shit”- Sam Welch


In the wee hours of August 17, 2018 a man and woman were shot and killed outside of The Cobra in East Nashville. The victims were locals, Brandon Teal and Jaime Sarrantonio.  Two suspects have been taken into custody for the shootings- linked to other acts of violence in the city. The neighborhood was shaken by the shootings. Police presence was doubled and apprehension lingered in the air.

This past Saturday a tribute show was held to honor the victims of the shootings, affectionately named TealFest. Band mates of the late Teal’s band, Terrestrial Radio, reunited to preform in the victims’ honor, proceeds going to charity, Note for Notes.

Cobra, once known as Foobar, is a local favorite and venue hosting the next up and coming; including local comedians. Even in the wake of tragedy, the venue was filled with patrons and music lovers. Alongside TealFest, Cobra hosted another show on their main music stage, which was also a packed show.

Not being very familiar with the bands playing that night, not even really the music of the late Teal, I attended mostly in support of my community. Community definitely turned out and organized a fabulous tribute. I popped back and forth between the music for TealFest and the music on the main stage. It was sincerely heartwarming to see so many people still supporting each other when many would be afraid to darken the doors of the scene of such a crime.

One of my favorites of the night was a singer/songwriter, Sam Welch of King Famous and the Disrespect. He played as part of TealFest. His music held a youthful energy and curious innocence. Sam donned pig tails, playing a wounded guitar belting out highly melodic folk tunes of the outlaw.


A local Reggae artist, Matt Daugherty also played as part of TealFest. Matt plays in several projects, but on Saturday night played with Paradise Daze. Their music is an upbeat sunny bass-y relaxed sound that is the epitome of the mellow love of Reggae. Paradise Daze has been playing together as far back as the early 2000’s.

In the main music area four bands took the stage, mostly variations of Rockabilly. The show started with Soviet Shiksa. The front man of Soviet made his rounds before the show asking attendees to sign a black book in exchange for hard candies. Their music was a nod to Kalinka, Punk Rock, reminiscent of Film Noir punctuated with a brassy trumpet and guttural vocals.


Another favorite of the night was a gypsy punk band- Fable Cry. Fable Cry’s music is a love song of the vampire, choreographed violin and heavy metal vibe. It is highly dance-able, fun and upbeat. I would imagine them being Jack Skellington’s favorite band.



A Man Called Stu, closed out night Saturday.  Stu is a Rockabilly band with traditional Country Western and Jump Blues influence. Their front man donned mutton chops and traditional country western attire to complete the experience. The set was complete with stand-up bass, barrotone vocals and lovely sax.



Please continue to support this great venue, and if you would like to donate to Note for Notes, please visit: http://notesfornotes.org/.

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