September 18, 2018



Today might have seemed like any other Tuesday. The day after Monday where the 9-5ers and Monday through Fridayers anticipate what seems like the forever illusive weekend. This Tuesday is unlike the others, however. Today’s date, 9/18/18, broken down in numerology is 999.

Nine symbolically represents completion; the end of a cycle. Now, I might have lost you with mention of numerology, but stay with me for a second.

Going through the walk of life, relationships and situations present opportunities for change. Change is a symbol of our pending death and mortality, hence why change is often uncomfortable. When something changes, it reminds us of the fact this life is fleeting. In order to avoid the prospect of death and our own innate desire to survive; we often avoid change.

We keep that partner around that doesnt respect us or cling to that job we hate. We buy another pack of cigarettes. We don’t make time for that hobby we like. We don’t do the things that require us to change.

Sometimes we get hunches and insights of what needs to go and can no longer stay, but we fight it. We cling to it-all in the name of staying the same.

Sometimes change comes not of our own choice. It happens to us. Loved ones pass away unexpectedly. Friends walk away without a word to say. Situations fade or exit not of our own accord.

What is in your life that needs changing? What are you clinging to that no longer serves you? What relay is waiting for you to step up to the starting line?

Today marks a day to walk away gracefully. Today marks a day to allow what is not meant for you to slip away. Better to be the master of your own destiny than have the choice be made for you.

Many people in my awareness are losing loved ones. Partnerships are broken. Projects are ending. Jobs are fleeting. Many stories are coming to me filled with pain and regret of the thing they haven’t done or could have said. Why did it have to end this way?

Death is painful. Endings suck, however, things fall apart so great things can come together. Death happens so we can be reborn.

Feel the feelings. Acknowledge the loss for bright new beginnings are around the corner.




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