September New Moon In Virgo 2018


On September 9, 2018 we will enter a new moon phase in the sign of Virgo.

There are eight different moon phases all starting with the New Moon.  This phase is symbolic of planting seeds for a crop to be harvested in the Full Moon phase. It is a symbol of beginning.

The moon will enter Virgo September 9th at 2:00 PM EST. Virgo is an earth sign. Earth signs are steady and grounded. Virgo is one of the most analytical and practical of the zodiac signs. Virgo is witty and often great at problem solving, but can be critical and a perfectionist.

In astrology, the location of the moon during any phase presents certain ideas and themes brought to our awareness, heavily influenced by the astrological sign the moon is in and other astrological aspects.

The New Moon in Virgo will be opposite Neptune which is the strongest aspect. Neptune is a planet of idealization and inspiration. With this aspect to Virgo, this can bring a negative energy.  This could bring a sense of perfectionism, confusion, self-doubt, and discouragement.  The analytical Virgo can lead us to get caught up in the tangible and practical that could undermine our dreams if too focused on this energy.

This energy can be very positive.  After the dreamy Full Moon in Pisces, this New Moon can highlight areas where ideas need refining, what concrete action and planning can be taken to bring dreams and goals into reality highlighted during the Pisces Full Moon in August.

Virgo will also have a sextile to Jupiter and trine to Pluto influencing the New Moon energy. The sextile to Jupiter brings luck, happiness, and uplifting charitable spirit.  The trine to Pluto raises self-confidence and highlights deception and falsehoods. Let us be open to new opportunity in our lives, but be sure to read the fine print.

The energy surrounding this New Moon started rolling in days before the actual New Moon, September 9, 2018, and will be at its peak September 12, 2018. Let us harness this energy to further our dreams and goals, being mindful of the details, with an open and gracious heart.




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  1. This information is so interesting to me. The more I read; the more intrigued I become!
    Please keep this up. It sheds a lot of new light on older misconceptions.


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