Abrupt Endings and Slow Disintegrations


People come and go; relationships, lovers, and friends. Not all destined to stay forever; some only for a season.

Is it harder to fight the good fight or suffer an abrupt ending?

Connections are rarely instant. Relationships are built over time, brick by brick. Years of experiences, secrets, and laughter. A foundation is built. Then Suddenly, something happens.

You don’t talk as often. You stop thinking of that person as often. Your exchanges center around “catching up.” Your dates get forever rescheduled. The common thread that ties feels broken.

Discussions for closure. Forgiveness granted. Love is no longer alive.

With every passing day, the pain subsides. That love that felt so strong fades a little more with the lick of the light.

The instant connection. A fated meeting, a spark inside. Life stories shared and passion to ignite. This thing feels so real and live. How could it have been known that this would be the last time?

The ghost that haunted, now missing in the night. No cataclysm. No explanation proffered. No reasons as to why. Just gone- leaving only sadness inside.

A slow ending allows for grief. It allows for explanation. It allows for analysis of why.

An abrupt ending leaves questions. A story not finished. Nothing to work through.  Nothing to analyze.

Escaping robs of the proper goodbye. A pain to sit with. No option left, but to accept. A hollow hope the love will slowly wither, to eventually die.








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