Weekly Message 12/17/18-12/21/18


Quick action and rapid motion is coming towards you, and for many, after a period of healing or feeling stuck. Its time to make decisions. The days may feel like a whirlwind. Changes and new opportunity are here. Let the old and outdated fall away and embrace the unknown of the unfamiliar. There is stability here, if you’re feeling unsure, but the harvest will never come without planting the seeds and tending your crop. Don’t be afraid of the work- you’re headed towards happier days.

8 of Wands: Rapid Movement. Quick Decisions. Fast Communication.
Page of Pentacles: Dreams. Desire. New Opportunity.
Knight of Pentacles: Efficiency. Hardwork. Routine. Messenger.

Bottom of the Deck- 10 of Cups: Ultimate Happiness. Fulfillment. Emotional Stability.

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