Her Promise

8a27b0aced86961c44ccb323069b86bd.jpgImage: https://pin.it/ylu2qc6dhodvbb

A friend that never leaves
Giving the meek a voice for centuries
Fuel for a weekend
You make happy hour happy
She gives you wings
Takes your money
Bashes your brains
Her headache is all thats left in the morning

“Pour up, drank, head shot, drank
Sit down, drank, stand up, drank
Pass out, drank, wake up, drank
Faded, drank, faded, drank”

My daddy likes you more than me
Liked you so much he forgot about me
Drunken rages
Physical violence
Passed out before dinner arrived
Thank god for pizza delivery

The man that showed me I was strong
Telling me I was his “girlfriend”
Pressing his body onto mine
Trying to take what is only mine to give
Grasping my hands
Hoping I dont scream
Fight or flight
Fight I did
You did not make a victim out of me

Late night phone calls
Unannounced visits to my door
Your love for me grows with a 6 oz pour
Promises of dates and sweet nothings
I showed up
Waited for your call
Yeah you totally forgot
That was just your best buddy alcohol

Ditching your friends
Forgetting your commitments
Bullying the weak
Aggressing your insecurities
Sloppy fumblings
Forgotten unzippings
Next day trips to the clinic for plan B

“Sippin’ on some siz-erp, sip, sippin’ on some, sip
Sippin’ on some siz-erp, sip, sippin’ on some, sip
Sippin’ on some siz-erp, sip, sippin’ on some, sip
Sippin’ on some siz-erp, sip, sippin’ on some, sip”

Your love is so en vogue
What is a gathering without you?
Entire industries designed just for you
But a glass or two?
Thats good for your health!
But is it the heart what we cheer to?

You’ve broken my heart
Your brain damage isn’t cute
Swollen liver isnt enough to save “you”
The cup with a secret potion
Airplane bottles stashed in the cabinet
She robbed me of a childhood
Lost hours and forgotten faces

The love she promised is lost in the bottom of her bottle

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