Full Moon in Taurus 2018


Art By Richey Beckett


On October 24, 2018 at 10:45 pm CST we will experience a Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Taurus. This moon was known as the Hunter’s Moon by Native Americans.  It followed the Harvest Moon in September where crops were harvested. With less foliage and cleared crops, there was  greater visibility for hunters to slay their prey with the Hunter’s Moon.  It was the the final preparation before the cold months of winter arrived to gather what was needed to sustain.

This moon will also push you deeper into harvesting what you have planted over the course of this year.  It will be a powerful moon, not only due to ancient symbolism, but also due to other planetary aspects, including the sun moving into Scorpio on October 23rd. Venus is currently in retrograde as well along with Uranus who is also in retrograde.  The energy surrounding this moon is already present and you may have already started feeling it and seeing the shift in your awareness.

Taurus is the nurturer- the fixed stubborn earth sign. She runs headlong into a wall and will not stop until it has come down. She can be a little vain and have a love for the finer things in life.  She loves good food, good drink, lavish surroundings and accepts nothing but the best.  Taurus is fiercely loyal and loving. She’s practical and can be the most giving of the zodiac signs.  She is about birth and beginning.

Scorpio is opposite Taurus.  With the sun being in Scorpio this energy will play a part in this moon.  Scorpio is dark and mysterious. Scorpio is a water sign with deep emotions, intuitive and a seeker of truth. Scorpio can be a bit of a flirt and loves to play the field. He is a dreamer. He loves to find the deeper meaning in life. He watches and waits for the perfect time to strike that painful stinger when provoked. Scorpio is constantly shedding its skin and recreating herself. In Tarot, Scorpio is represented by the major arcana, Death.

Venus is currently in retrograde. Venus rules Libra and Taurus. Venus is the planet of love, aesthetic, pleasure and money. Since Venus rules Taurus this will be an interesting aspect to this moon. Uncomfortable truths about relationships may come to light. Work issues may surface. Maybe a change in career is on the horizon? A new approach to how you manage your money may be at the forefront. Old lovers may come knocking for another go.

Uranus is also in retrograde. He is slow moving.  Uranus loves to shake things up and create chaos. He is creative, sporadic and rebellious. Illusions are broken and shocking realizations may come to light. A new approach may be in the works.

These energies are conflicting in a lot of ways.  Taurus hates change and Uranus loves it. Scorpio loves to dream. Taurus is more grounded. With this full moon, be prepared for things to not go as planned. Uncomfortable truths about relationships in your life and yourself may come to light. Old paradigms are broken. The old is dying so the new can be born. Illusion may come crashing down. You may feel the need to walk away from people, places and things that are no longer adding to your greater good. The past may resurface to finish up lessons you need to master.  It is time to wake up to who you are at the surface and what is deep inside. It is time to shine and let the world see you in all your grandeur.

Many are full moon sensitive and it is normal to feel tired and restless. You may feel irritable and emotional.  This is all part of the process. Pay attention to what comes up, what conflicts may arise in your relationships, and the take away from what manifests in your surroundings.


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