New Moon in Libra October 2018


Art by Cosmikdust

The New Moon phase will begin tonight at 10:56 PM CST. The moon will move into the zodiac sign of Libra. Like any new moon, this is a good time to review what you hope to accomplish by months end or plant seeds for the future ahead.

Libra brings an energy of balance and harmony.  Libra is also the relationship sign-relationship to others, self, and the rest of the world. She asks us to create equilibrium between all of these influences.

This new moon energy will have other planetary influences at play. Venus is in retrograde until November with its own intense energy. The Venus Retro energy can create conflict with the balanced Libra.

Venus wants passion, beauty and can touch on the side of indulgence. If drawn to overindulgence, Libra may push you be more reserved. The passion of Venus can also help propel direct action needed to create unity.

Who can you count on? Where do you need to step up? Where do you need to take better care of yourself? What is not adding value?

Venus is also the goddess of love. With energy surrounding relationships at play with this new moon energy, connections may deepend. Not just romantic, but passion in regards to life as a whole.



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