We are Seeds


On Saturday September 22, 2018 from 2-6pm, a mural painting block party, We Are Seeds, powered by BriteHeart and sponsored by other local activist groups such as Southern Women for Civil Rights and The Deane Foundation was hosted at Center615.

BriteHeart is a local civic organization dedicated to connecting community through public activism, citizen participation, and voting. Their moto is #getcivic. Center615 is an open space for local entrepreneurs, shared office space, music production and venue hosting. The event was emceed by Lightning 100’s Annie Klaver.

We Are Seeds was a great event with local music, food, beer, coffee and mural painting all generously donated by sponsors such as Bearded Iris, Martin’s BBQ, Hip Hueys, Jerrys Artorama and Barista Parlor. It was a beautiful afternoon of community and good vibes.


Local mural artists Omari Booker, Woke 3, Caitlin Mello amd Elisheba Mrozik contributed to a large mural near the entrance of the event. BriteHeart invited attendees to add their own personal touch to the mural, including handprints, signatures, and other unique images.


Upon entry into the event, volunteers made sure no attendee past their threshold without offering the opportunity to register to vote, stressing the importance of participation in the upcoming midterm elections. Also upon entry, a ticket for a plate of BBQ and a beverage were provided. Local food trucks and other vendors were on site for alternative food and drink options.

Inside of Center615, performers provided entertainment for block party attendees. The event opened with a local EDM artist, Quiet Entertainer, followed by other local musicians, Milly Roze, Young Qual and the Pearl Cohn High School Drumline. Poets from Southern Word also delivered spoken word.


Southern Word is a poetry group. Two female poets took the stage sharing stories of their fight for survival. The first poet shared tearful memories of many crossing Mexico’s border into the promise land of America, escaping poverty and struggle. The second poet told of the unpublicized violence plaguing Nashville’s poorest communities.

Also inside Center615, other activist groups offered information and support. Among these groups were Planned Parenthood, Nashville LGBT and the Nashville Food Project. Another booth sold art created by Nashville’s homeless population.


BriteHeart works with many non-profits locally and nationally. If you are interested in getting involved and contribute your talents to other events like We Are Seeds, please visit http://briteheart.org. #getcivic and get involved in your community.

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