Aries Full Moon- September 24, 2018


Tonight at 9:52 PM CST in the United States and in the wee hours of September 25th in the UK and Europe, we will experience a Full Moon.  This Moon is in Aries this month. Moons are usually in the opposite zodiac sign of the sun.  The sun is currently in Libra.

Every night as you glance at the sky, you might notice the moon appears differently each night, with 8 specific phases. The first being the New Moon and last being the Balsamic Moon. New Moons symbolize planting new seeds, Full moons are for harvesting fruit from those seeds. The last being the Balsamic Moon, which about is preparing the seeds from the fruit that was just harvested.

All of these “moons” have specific meanings and can affect individuals spiritually and sometimes on a physical level. Human beings are mostly water. Moons move water, think about the ocean. It is normal for some people to feel emotional, dizzy, restless and sometimes anxious for days leading up to Full Moons and days following the Full Moon. Its not inherently negative, but listen to your body, your feelings, and what is happening in your awareness.  This is all part of the energy surrounding this Full Moon.

Native Americans called this moon the Harvest Moon, tied to the Autumn Equinox tradition that occurred on September 22, 2018.  During the Autumn Equinox, the sun crosses the “celestial equator” wherein sunlight and darkness are nearly equal to each other, depending where you live on the planet. This all happened due to the sun being over the earth’s equator.  The fall equinox marks the time where nights begin to get longer and the days become shorter.  It marks the beginning of harvest. The fall equinox brings in cooler temperatures and the first day of fall.  During this period people often experience reunions with loved ones and a culmination of “harvest” from “seeds” planted throughout the planting season of spring and summer.  It also known as the Full Corn Moon or Barley Moon due to crops the Native Americans often harvested during this time.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the initiator; represented by the Emperor in tarot. The emperor is a go-getter and goes after the things he wants. Aries is all about direct action and taking direct steps. Aries is a fire sign.  You may feel a proverbial fire under your rear end to move forward.  This energy is intense. Aries can be controlling, aggressive and irritable too. There is an impatience that can come with this moon.

Aries is conjunct with Chiron this Full Moon.  Chiron is known as the healer.  Chiron heals by bringing up sore spots in our lives- bringing feelings of insecurity, fear, and vulnerability to our awareness. In dredging up the sore spots in our lives, we can see how to take action, harnessing the Aries energy, to heal these areas and how this pain is holding us back.

Another powerful aspect to this moon is Saturn. Saturn’s energy with this moon is full of hesitation and inhibition. Saturn is a soft energy, however, somewhat childlike. Saturn likes to slow things down which can conflict with the assertive energy of Aries. With the Aries energy, it gives us the freedom to take care of ourselves with softness and harness discipline through the Aries energy. It helps us to be slow and methodical about what we need to do to achieve our goals.  It is a marathon not a sprint.

There are other aspects to this moon, such as Mercury, Mars, and Uranus.  Mercury is about communication. You may feel the urge to speak up. You may feel very opinionated and a little overly analytical. Mars with other aspects of this moon can work with Aries energy to give us enthusiasm to overcome any feelings of restrain and inhibition. Finally, Uranus loves the unexpected. It can bring a little bit of a nervous energy and impulsiveness, combined with the assertive Aries. This can create a feeling of being unsettled and restlessness ,pushing into acting-maybe a little bit too quickly.

The negative aspects of this energy can be overwhelming, making it difficult to harness the fiery energy of Aries. As sore spots and uncomfortable situations bubble up, think about the direct action that can be taken to resolve these issues. Try not to let the troubling emotions overcome you. In the alternative, think about what these emotions are bringing to light. Pain is a teacher.  Let go of the situations in your life that you cannot control. Try to see where you need to slow down. Sometimes all you can do is plant the seed and wait for it to grow. A watched pot will never boil.







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