Touching Souls- One Smile At A Time

A local Nashvillian, Eric Dulberg, is a portrait photographer with a bright soul and fun spirit.  He has a gift for capturing essence, showing his subject’s story.

Eric is a traveler, having been to the Philippines, Ecuador and planning to travel to Ireland in the coming year- searching for a story never heard before.

As part of a project towards his degree, he printed a book, Nashville Natives, capturing many of the stories of  unknown Nashvillians. The book is filled with captivating portraits, connecting audience to a common thread of humanity. The portraits are accompanied by a story supplied by the subject. The book opens with a character, named Chance.

Chance is a heavily tattooed older gentleman without home, having faced the harshness or war and confinement. He came to Nashville from the west coast and served in the Vietnam War. His life hasn’t been an easy one, but life has awarded him the wisdom that, “…it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live or how much money you have. What is important in life is to look after each other.”


Another character, Raymond, with kind eyes and warm smile, told Eric of his time in Vietnam and memories of Shania Twain, especially of her humility and gentleness.


Every person has a story. To share your story is sharing a little peice of your soul. Sharing a smile ties our journey to the whole of humanity.

The book is available for purchase at and benefits Shower Up, a local non-profit providing showers for the homeless.



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