The Nashville Street Barbers



A shower and a shave. For many its a daily routine. We awaken to the alarm bells, and stumble headlong to the bathroom for our daily grooming. For most, this is routine, for the less fortunate, a luxury.

A trip to the barber- that regular necessity tied so closely to keeping neat and tidy.  One’s mane is a part of identity, look and connection to self. For the less fortunate and homeless, it is a necessity that is often gone without.

On any given Monday night in Legislative Plaza, the Nashville Street Barbers are helping dole out a little slice of community. Between 6 and 8 PM you can find as many as a dozen local stylists spreading  love a little snip at a time.

As many as 30 customers come down to Legislative Plaza for a haircut, shower and a meal.  Volunteers take names on a clip board and each customer sits in a stylist’s chair and given a professional haircut.  Another non-profit, Shower Up, provides showers out of their mobile truck. Other local businesses donate food and even toiletries.


Many of the stylists volunteer every week, with many repeat customers, giving out haircuts under the light of headlamps and jiving to their own personal tunes. The Plaza is filled with  energy and uplifting spirit, complete with hugs and sharing stories.

This service to the community helps restore pride and morale to those living circumstances, most cannot imagine. I stopped by on a chilly September evening, the temperature beginning to drop, and was reminded of the coming reality of winter,  thankful for my bed and roof over my head.

If you have the ability, volunteer your time to this great cause or donate to keep this cheerful event alive. Many in America are living one paycheck away from homelessness. Many just need a lucky break.  A haircut is a small step for many towards a new adventure.




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