Deg Thai


Back in 2013 when Twitter was somewhat of a foreign thing to me, I followed a food truck I had tried at The Porter Flea, that being Deg Thai. It was one of the first accounts I ever followed on Twitter. Among the ranks of Thought Catalog and Texts From Last Night, and well before The Donald’s covfefe. I wanted to know their schedule and where I could find them. I needed that flavor in my life as much as possible. Every since I’ve been a loyal follower.

Working in downtown Nashville for several years, I sampled the plethora of lunch options available. Even with many convenient and tasty spots a short walk away, I’d still make the trek to my favorite food truck. My office was located off 4th Avenue at Commerce Street. With an hour lunch and working at a busy law firm, I was committed to making that walk down to 7th ave on certain Thursdays.  Even if I had to eat it while walking back to the ever growing pile of paperwork on my desk, it was well worth it to get  my fix.

Back when I would visit Deg Thai downtown, they parked off 7th Avenue between Charlotte and Union by the War Memorial and Tennessee Tower. You can still find them there most Thursdays in addition to many other locations, including local events such as Live on the Green and Shakespeare in the Park.

Deg Thai never fails to exceed my expectations.  Easily the best Thai option in Nashville and I have tried nearly all of them. With awards from Street Food and Best of Nashville in the Nashville Scene, I am not alone in my praise of this gem.

Deg Thai offers the American Thai favorites, including Pad Thai. Their Pad Thai is fantastic and made with care.  The menu offers all of their main dishes with chicken, but a friendly disposition and polite request, they will happily make your dish with their exquisitely prepared Tofu. They also offer their dishes in Mild, Medium, Hot, Native Thai, and Ass Fire.

My go to is the Red Curry with Tofu. I like it Native Thai hot, but even without the heat, its well balanced. The Tofu is fried with a light crisp cooked to perfection, not too dense or too soft. The dish contains baby corn, mushrooms, peppers and fresh Thai Basil in a lightly sweet red curry sauce on a bed of rice. The proportion of Curry to rice is spot on, easily consumed with a fork or chop sticks. The Curry paired with their Thai Coffee of Thai Tea and you’ve got a banger.

Even if you’ve never sampled Thai Cuisine, this is a must try. For more information and schedule, visit:

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