A new beginning is missed, stalled or stagnant due to conflict, conflicting ideals or responsibilities. You may have lost out due to the competition. A collaborative approach is needed on what action will be taken to move forward. Approach the situation with an open mind. Try to come to a solution that works for everyone involved and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

5 of Wands: Conflict. Rivalry. Opposition.
Ace of Pentacles Reversed: False Start. Missed Opportunity.
Ace of Swords: New Action or idea. Victory. Intellect and Sharp Mind.
Bottom of the Deck-3 of Pentacles: Collaboration. Working together. Teamwork.

Golden Thread Tarot Deck


Time to relax and enjoy the comfort and joy the holiday season can bring. There is happiness and fond memories in the air. A pleasant surprise may be around the corner. Listen to your intuition and your inner child. Let’s celebrate the moment. Emotions may run deep today and tomorrow. Be gentle with yourself if needed.

Queen of Cups: Loving. Compassionate. Kind.
Page of Cups: A nice surprise. Intuition. Inner Child.
6 of Cups: Reunion. Nostalgia. Happy Memories.

Golden Tarot Deck


A new passion, spark, or idea is on the forefront. Yet, you’re holding yourself back. You’re stalling to make a decision or act. Are you contimplating something that is underhanded? Is there something you’re just not seeing? Does something seem off? The energy of the hanged man can speak of self sacrifice and martyrdom. Are you possibly holding yourself up?

Page of Wands: New Spark. Passion. Idea. Childlike Excitement and Wonder.

The Hanged Man: Stall. Holdup. Martyrdom.

5 of Swords: Win at all costs. Unbridled ambition. Sneaky.


We will enter a new moon phase in the zodiac sign of Scorpio on November 7, 2018.  The new moon marks the end of one moon cycle and the start of a new moon cycle.  The energy created when the dark side of the moon is visible creates a burst of energy and spark. New and fresh ideas come to the forefront.  It is a time to plant seeds and embark on new beginnings. With the new moon being in Scorpio and other aspects, this will be one of the most intense new moons of the year.

Scorpio is a water sign with emotions that run deep. Scorpio is mysterious, intuitive and seeks deeper understanding. This energy will wake you up, poking and prodding at your soft and tender spots. What is really the deeper meaning behind your actions? What is really going on in your awareness and reality?

The moon will have an interesting aspect to star Zubenelgenubi which is a fixed star in the Libra constellation. It is named for an Arabic Prince that represents justice. This energy can bring about accusations, conflict, illness, and disappointments.  It can bring about situations where justice is needed and where karmic debts need to be paid.

Neptune also has an aspect to this moon. Neptune can bring about an energy of forgiveness and compassion. This energy will make us ponder ethos, faith and spirituality.

Other aspects to this moon are with Pluto and Venus trine to Mars. Pluto will play on the Neptune energy deepening compassion and contemplation of spirituality. Pluto’s influence can expose truth and where you need forgiveness. The Venus trine to Mars increases a desire for companionship, socializing, and sexual desire. It will create feelings of closeness not limited to romantic relationships.

In summation, this is a deep and spiritual moon. With the aspect to star Zubenelgenubi bringing in possible conflict or disappointments, Neptune and Pluto can bring in a softness to this energy to help ease these woes; providing forgiveness. The Venus to Mars trine can bring us closer to people in our lives through resolving conflict. The moon can highlight what your individual role is in the grander scheme of the universe. Of course there is a darker side to these energies. Feelings of insecurity, self doubt and uncomfortable self awareness will be present. It is up to you whether to harness the positive aspects of the energy or let it bog you down.

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