Patience and balance are needed here. Rapid action and the need to make quick decisions may be placed before you. Compassion and forgiveness may be key. Remember how you would want to be treated if roles were reversed.

8 of Wands: Rapid Action. Quick Decisions.
6 of Pentacles: Sharing. Generosity. Compassion.
Temperance: Balance. Patience. Mindfulness.

Golden Thread Tarot Deck


Artist: AkagenoSaru

The Winter Solstice is when the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere tilts the farthest from the sun.  This happens once a year in each hemisphere, creating the shortest day and longest night of the year. This year’s solstice coincides with the Sun entering Capricorn.

The Winter Solstice marks the middle of winter. The days will start to gradually get longer and the nights shorter.  Winter is the time when many mammals go into hibernation and rest. With less day light and colder temperatures, it’s difficult to hunt and gather in the cold with less daylight. Humans are not that different in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, our current way of life does not support uninterrupted months of rest. It is, however, a time to indulge in much needed downtime.

Spiritually, the solstice is viewed as a time when the sun stands still. Its time to fine tune the last details. It represents the last burst of energy to win the race. It is the final wrap.

The solstice is a representation of the dark night of the soul. The longest night of the year reminds us that even though the night is long, the sun again will rise. We will awaken. The light will  come and the darkness will end.

The energy surrounding the solstice can feel intense and deeply reflective. Can you sit with what you find in the dark? What should be brought to the light? It is a time to make peace with the parts of yourself you may not look on too fondly and that of others.

With the sun moving into Capricorn, the energy will be grounded and realistic. Capricorn is one of the most down to earth signs of the zodiac. She is less dreamy and not too concerned with the trivial and anything deemed frivolous. This energy can play on the heavy solstice energy in being practical with your choices. The energy can aid in separating the murkiness-to see things as they really are.

As we move through winter and honor the solstice, let us share the enjoyment of this time of rest. Lets bring what is hidden into the light.


A new passion, spark, or idea is on the forefront. Yet, you’re holding yourself back. You’re stalling to make a decision or act. Are you contimplating something that is underhanded? Is there something you’re just not seeing? Does something seem off? The energy of the hanged man can speak of self sacrifice and martyrdom. Are you possibly holding yourself up?

Page of Wands: New Spark. Passion. Idea. Childlike Excitement and Wonder.

The Hanged Man: Stall. Holdup. Martyrdom.

5 of Swords: Win at all costs. Unbridled ambition. Sneaky.


If you happen to catch the clock at 11:11, do you make a wish?

Tomorrow is November 11, 2018, when broken down equals 11:11:11. 11 is a master number. In numerology, 11 represents intuition, manifestation and awakening. Many believe seeing 11:11 on the clock is an auspicious sign or signifies the presence of spirit.

A hundred years ago, November 11, 1918,  the first major world conflict came to an end, WWI. It is also Veterans Day where we honor and celebrate those that have served in times of war.  This anniversary is fortuitous of what many in the spiritual community believe will be a historic event for mankind. It is believed that many people will awaken, truth will come to light, and a shift of consciousness will occur. It is believed to be a gateway to end pain and suffering. A portal will open where the physical and spiritual world will align.

Whether you believe in any spiritual significance to 11:11, tomorrow marks a time to let go of unhealthy relationships, behaviors and patterns.  Tomorrow also marks a time to begin on a new journey, and to take steps in fulfilling your dreams. It is time to become aligned with your life purpose.  Tomorrow is a day to ponder greater love in the world where the chains of war, conflict, addiction and pain can dissolve. It is a day to align mind, body, and soul.

A global mediation movement is taking place at 11:11 in the morning and evening. Take a few moments to ground yourself and set intentions on what you wish to bring into your life and what you wish to let go of. It is time to hit the reset button for peace clarity.