Full Moon In Scorpio May 2019

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You’ve done the work and attained the knowledge. It’s time to use the knowledge you have unearthed to let what cannot move forward into the next season of this existence. You know what this is and it’s an ending you’ve seen coming. Allowing this to end will welcome new energy, and return of a passion of the past. With Venus in it’s pre-shadow and pluto retrograding, revelations and new energy bring in the san heim season of scorpio.

Old unsavory patterns or toxic behavior might resurface tugging at you from lower energies craving new life. Beware of over indulgence. Paranormal activity may be heightened.

Get Moving:
Spend time with your feet on the earth or in nature. Ground yourself and meditate for protection against outside influence.
Sit for a few moments everyday and focus on your breathing. Visualize a shield around your body and energy. Visualize your feet rooted in the ground and your crown chakra connected to your divine. Meditate to Affirmations of self love and self empowerment.

Protection -Black Tourmerine. Selenite.
Clearing-Quartz (known antiseptic). Selenite.
Child like Joy and Curiosity-Dalmatian Jasper.
Self Confidence-Sacral 2nd Chakra Carnelian
Self Empowerment-Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra Citrine

Sage-Clearing and cleansing and added antiseptic properties.
Palo Santo-Invite love/positive energy.

Drink Tea
Blends for focus and heightened senses (look for rosemary and Cinnamon-plus mugwort or star anise for heightened senses)
Black Tea has as much or more caffeine than coffee
Turmeric Blends for anxiety, inflammation, cardiovascular health, and added antiseptic properties.

Energy-Patchouli, Citrus
Anxiety-Eucalyptus, Peppermint,
Focus-Vetiver (strong scent; blend with other oils)

Artwork in background

Citrine Necklace

Witches Brew

Galaxy Teacup

Moon Power Tarot

Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols

Nashville based Sources for Tea, Oils, Crystals and more



Dearest Burrito,
To you, my love, my massive burrito. I stood in line at the local Chipotle anticipating your barbacoa goodness and gaucomole filling. I handcrafted you with the help of a skilled technician who carefully ladeled you with cilantro-lime rice and fresh pico. I watched him shape you into a perfect round bundle. He struggled fiercely, fighting against your shell, struggling to contain all of your sensual goodness and voluptuous curves.  I was so overwhelmed and nervous, I grabbed a beer. I knew Id need to loosen up for what I was about to do to you. I found a table in the corner far from the purview of onlookers. This was a private affair. I sat alone in the restaurant for a moment, intimidated, staring at your bounty, wondering how I might peirce your overstretched tortilla shell. Finally, I grasped you with two hands. A single hand could not support you. I made my move. With one bite I was enraptured. I took to you like a wild carnivore. Devouring bite after bite of your deliciousness. With a total absence of shame and hesitation, I devoured you whole, totally oblivous to the sour cream and guacamole smeered on my face. Finally, sweaty and exhausted, I  relinquished to you. My body could take no more. I dropped the remnants of your shell on your pretty red plastic basket. I wiped my chin and threw down my napkin in defeat. How I love your black beans, spicy salsa and your shredded cheese of delight. Oh my satiating love, how you do quench my hunger. Creative